the NHS

This plan takes us to 2021, but what happens after that? As the misunderstanding surrounding mental health dissipates, and awareness increases, thanks in large part to anti-stigma movements such as Time to Change, jointly run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, we will no doubt see more and more people identify, acknowledge and seek help for their own mental health. This is hugely positive, as it normalises mental health. However, it means that inevitably, demand for mental health services will continue to rise.
Once the production team started to research the series what they found was things we'd never seen before - the extent of cancelled ops, the failing targets, outsourcing of some procedures and 'health tourism'. But they also found extraordinary resilience, remarkably understanding patients and an ability to perform some of the best care and surgery in the world.
Let me tell Owen Smith something. I have been treated by the NHS all my life. I don't just mean the average broken bones and childhood illnesses that most kids will experience at some time or another.
The best thing for the country, in the aftermath of the referendum result, would be for the Tories to unite and show some true leadership-with someone who has proved he can lead at the helm. If a certain group of Conservatives choose to discount this in favour of pushing forward their own little agenda, then it is they, and not David Cameron, who will have proved themselves untrustworthy in this referendum.