the other art fair

For these undiscovered artists, The Other Art Fair is a unique platform from which they can independently showcase their work: to gallerists, curators, critics and collectors.
The Other Art Fair is the UK's largest artist-led fair, attracting thousands of art buyers, collectors, journalists and gallerists from across London. Following an overwhelming amount of artist applications earlier in the year, this autumn will see more exhibiting artists than ever before.
The Other Art Fair will take place between 25 -28 April 2013 at Ambika P3 in Marylebone and will be partnered with leading creative companies including CultureLabel, FAD, Jotta, Aesthetica and Sipsmith to name a few.
This autumn, London will see the third edition of a new and unique Contemporary art fair to be held at Ambika P3 in Marylebone
A poll to determine the single artwork that best encapsulates British identity has rated Banksy's image of kissing policemen
As romantic as the idea of working on a typewriter now seems, in reality they're rather clunky and temperamental things. Writing
"Do we need galleries?" is the silent question The Other Art Fair asks each visitor. With the development of digital media and e-commerce sites there is a sense that the art establishment is changing.