The Pope

Pope Francis has held his first general audience with a live crowd in six months, as restrictions ease after the coronavirus pandemic. About 500 people attended, nearly all of them wearing masks and keeping social distancing.
Pope Francis has apologised after he had a difficult encounter with a pilgrim on New Year’s Eve at the Vatican. While the pontiff greeted the large crowd a woman reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards her. The visibly angered pope pulled his hand away as his security intervened. He later apologised saying that “sometimes even I lose patience.”
Footage of the Pope refusing worshippers a chance to kiss his papal ring went viral this week. We take a look at the significance of the ring and why his holiness would whip his hand away so mercilessly.
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Pope Francis scolded an eager crowd for being "selfish" after he was pulled over onto a man in a wheelchair during a visit
Thousands of people from all over the world were delighted when Pope Francis posted his "first selfie" on Instagram on Monday
Did you hear? The Pope is calling for planetary government and is a danger to the entire world. No this isn't the plot from
So, the Pope has made a startling confession. No, not defrauding the Vatican coffers or even lip-synching his Sunday prayers
In light of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, the issue of freedom of speech has arisen; whether or not there should be guidelines, especially in regards to religion - the question is: Should our freedom of speech ever be restricted?
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