The President's Keepers

EFF chair and A-List advocate-for-hire sends 'letter of demand' via social media to constitutional law expert.... A respected investigative journalist joins the dots.
The state's approach to certain human rights has been inconsistent throughout the years.
Pauw believes the man accused of setting up a parallel intelligence structure which looted millions is the complainant.
Media Monitoring Africa has set up a legal defence fund for journalist Jacques Pauw.
SARS has "conceded the truth of the parts in the book it names in the application", the publisher said on Tuesday.
Corruption costs the country billions of rands –– money that is then lacking for housing, health, education and fighting crime.
"I want to go into the depth of this book and be able to make a judgement whether it is a credible move to try and stop the book," said Ramaphosa.
The more the governing elite become corrupt, the more press freedom comes under threat.
Blade Nzimande has encouraged SACP members to buy The President's Keepers.
Nzimande said much of what is contained in the book, the SACP had long been preaching.