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Smartphones and tablets have a lot of value for kids, both with social interaction and educational apps and experiences. The summer holidays can mean even more time spent staring at screens, so parents need to ensure their children get a break and spend time doing other activities.
Exam period is a tough time for children and teenagers, and the stress this can bring often extends to parents and wider families, who naturally bear the weight of overwhelming pressure placed on their loved ones.
Sexting is often the result of peer pressure, the desire to start a relationship or a longing to boost self-esteem. Unrealistic body goals set by glossy magazines and media puts added pressure on to teenagers who seek comfort in the form of likes on their pictures or positive commentary from their friends and strangers alike.
“I will never forget one girl asking me: ‘Why do you hate me? Why are you torturing me?,” sighs Dr Sara McCluskey, a consultant
Stigma and misunderstanding hang around mental health, discouraging people from speaking up and seeking help. Just telling someone that you have depression can feel like an admission of failure. But why is this still the case when our understanding of mental health has come so far in recent years?
Contrary to what you might think, anxiety is a normal experience. It's a protective mechanism which everyone has - and if
A teenage boy with complex learning difficulties has been Tasered by police in the grounds of a special school owned by the
The parents of a head girl who died following a four-year battle with anorexia have revealed the discovery of a diary documenting
Having sat in on a number of CBT sessions for OCD after being wrongly-diagnosed with a strange form of the illness - religiously over-thinking, later diagnosed as a form of social anxiety - I began to see what was happening to these people's lives.