The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Riz Ahmed is undoubtedly be one of Britain’s most in-demand young actors after starring in Chris Morris’s ‘Four Lions’, he
"This film about a man trying to embrace his complexity, which can be a very confusing way to live, but ultimately enriching
The first ten imperatives of Mohsin Hamid's How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia fulfil, with sly wit and humour, the premise
The story not just touches on but firmly addresses concepts of journalistic and business ethics, international politics and intervention, racism, education, common human morals, and, as the title suggests fundamentalism.
The 69th Venice Film Festival kicked off in Italy on Wednesday with the premiere of Kate Hudson's Mira Nair film The Reluctant
Home Boy warrants reading and re-reading for its beautifully constructed sentences which are braided with finely observed detail. In its elegant ebb and flow, its effortless glide and dulcet cadence Naqvi's prose is reminiscent of Nabokov, the Russian émigré America claims as one of its greats.