The Scout Association

The Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to the Scouts' headquarters in Essex on 28 March 2019. Her visit was to promote #SkillsForLife, a new pilot scheme to bring younger children into scouting.
Our canals and rivers are cherished outdoor spaces which enable visitors to take a breath of fresh air and simply relax - something
Thanks to WaterAid's work, they will no longer have to make this arduous journey. A safe water source in the village will completely transform the community, helping reduce disease, and giving young people more time to go to school and to play, the chance of a better future.
Bear Grylls has talked about Scouting as a 'character factory' and Joe Clarke is one of its finest exports. It is his belief in himself and strength of character that sets him apart
I am so proud of the great things that Scouts do in local communities up and down the country. Now, with the launch of A
This month I set off to row 3,600 miles across the Indian Ocean. In history, there have only been four successful attempts by a rowing pair. But the question I am asked most often is, 'why'? The answer is, 'because I can'! But of course like most things in life, it's not quite as simple as that. Let me explain...
Working hard in school and getting the grades you need is incredibly important. But what I've learnt outside of the classroom, through my time in Scouting, has given me the confidence and life skills to take opportunities that I wouldn't have thought possible otherwise.
As part of a major review of what Scouting does and how it operates - the fourth in the history of our Movement - we asked our membership whether we should offer an additional alternative Promise to this group. The overwhelming response was that we should.