Perhaps Ruth Davidson's Conservatives are that voice - so do not offer any more life support through tactical votes for Labour and instead back Unionism if you oppose the SNP. Then finally we can start on the road to resolving the independence question once and for all.
'Scotland deserves a serious independence-supporting newspaper, this isn't it.'
The story concerned discussion in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, where the government is currently challenging the court’s
Decision could leave Commons vote on a knife-edge
Nicola Sturgeon has signalled that the SNP is ready to join forces with Labour and Tory rebels to scupper Theresa May’s plans
He has apologised for 'any hurt and upset' he has caused.
The deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, who is alleged to have had an affair with a Westminster journalist, is
Labour: "We knew the SNP had ditched the left-wing rhetoric, but we didn’t expect them to start stealing Thatcher’s lines."
HuffPost UK has asked the SNP for comment.  A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: "They say imitation is the most
Alex Salmond hopes to position an independent Scotland as a "beacon for progressive opinion" for those south of the border