The Spirit Level

When we create this environment, the corporate machine will begin to meet the market need. Of course, none of this will happen possible without a government that endorses it. And government will only do what we tell it to. So let's take every opportunity we can to make sure our voice is heard.
Whilst Greens consider if it's worth a legal challenge, its interesting to reflect on just how wrong the proposed televised leader debates might look. Not only is there an all privileged all white male line-up, but the announcement just after a whole pile of media fuss-and-bother over one turncoat UKIP MP just gets people thinking.
I find it incredibly sad then that in a world where the powerful get ever more so, those without a voice are increasingly denied any real medium to express themselves in mainstream TV. I'm sure the producers are thrilled with the response to Benefits Street... Whipping up a storm is just what they wanted.
While inequality in parts of private sector are associated with a breakdown of social ties, bonds, alienation and the soulless insouciance of high financiers and captains of enterprise we need to put our foot down and say this is not the vision we want for higher education.
The greed, excess and selfishness that brought liberal democracy and capitalism to the edge of the abyss have been demonstrated