The Stone Roses reunion

The body of a man who went missing following a reunion concert of The Stone Roses has been found in a canal. Christopher
When I was about 17 myself and a gang of mates from Loreto College (Manchester) borrowed a builder's blue transit van and
here's no-one in the world that can play like these three together...there's something happening musically like an undercarriage that's just there, that's magical... So said Ian Brown at the announcement that the Stone Roses would be reforming, and I didn't dare to believe that it was true at the time, but I have seen the light, or I certainly lived in that dream.
Forget the Jubilee concert, the upcoming Olympic gigs, or the announcement of a Spice Girls musical; the Stone Roses delivered the most exciting and important musical event of 2012 at Manchester's Heaton Park on Friday.
Reunited rockers the Stone Roses have triumphed at their official homecoming gig in Manchester, England after performing
The Stone Roses kicked off a summer of reunion concerts in Warrington on Wednesday night by performing their first gig in
The Stone Roses sold out their two outdoor reunion shows in just 14 minutes this morning. All 150,000 tickets went shortly
It's almost impossible to explain to people how important the Stone Roses were and how awful the 80s were until they came along. There's nostalgia too now, of course. That bastard always creeps in.
If the band can recover just one tenth of their once infinite potential, that alone would justify the reunion and put them streets ahead of contemporary pretenders like Kasabian. The world can only be a brighter place with The Stone Roses in it.
So I managed to get myself on the list to attend the press conference announcing the reunion of The Stone Roses. It's a tricky one this because I loved this band with a vengeance and I have mixed feelings about it.