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Gang violence disproportionately affects underprivileged young black men and is not a suitable subject for spoof.
As a secret report for the government has confirmed, to ensure the student loan book is profitable for private companies the cap on interest for repayments would need to be increased. This means graduates would effectively face a retrospective hike in the cost of their tuition fees.
For those who aren't ULU hacks like me, London Student is the largest independent student newspaper in Europe and serves the twenty-one constituent colleges of the University of London. However, this year, under current boss Jen Izaakson, the newspaper has failed to support anyone other than the editor herself in the form of a substantial paycheck.
It has been said that student politics is so bitter precisely because the stakes are so low. Nowhere is the truth of this adage this more apparent than at the University of Edinburgh, where this week, in an unprecedented move, the Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) took legal action against The Student newspaper.