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A teenager whose facial defect resulted in him being bullied and called "The Elephant Man" at school has gone on his first
Channel 4 show 'The Undateables' was an emotional affair on Monday night as a brave woman named Tammy met a lovely chap called
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"It's our money," said one clipped voice in the back row, "so we should have the right to scrutinise what they do with it." He may have been a single audience member in Sunday's episode of The Big Questions, but this rattled taxpayer summed up everything that is wrong with Benefits Street - the urban zoo that has slammed Channel 4's ratings into high gear.
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Comedian Lee Ridley has slammed Channel 4's latest controversial documentary The Undateables, which follows a group of people
Tuesday (3 April) sees the start of a new series on Channel 4 called The Undateables or as I like to call it Would You Shag A Crip? It follows disabled people as they look for love. There's nothing like a good freak show to improve the ratings. The advertising around this programme has been deliberately controversial. A series of billboards for The Undateables with pictures of six of the participants has the tagline "love is blind, disfigured, autistic." Channel 4 would undoubtedly say that this was to help encourage debate and things but I doubt a teenage disabled person would cope very well with being told they were undateable.