The Unit London

"Identity is not as stable as it once was. It is transient, fragmented and manufactured." So say Jonny Burt and Joe Kennedy in the catalogue foreword to U, the new exhibition of portrait paintings at The Unit London of which they are the directors.
Having teamed up with friend and fellow artist Joe Kennedy together they created The Unit London, a new gallery exhibiting the best and most challenging work by up and coming artists. First opened in Chiswick, West London, the gallery recently moved to the prestigious Seven Dials area of Covent Garden and has gone from strength to strength.
Jonny Burt, a London based artist, is as charismatic as they come. Good looking, confident and above all talented, his work is beginning to attract noticeable attention. Burt, who started drawing from an early age, was like many young boys, enthralled by all things scary.