the universe

Learning how to heal the pain of the past and how to genuinely love and approve of yourself can be life transforming. There is enough love, joy, beauty and money on this planet for everyone! Just be consciously aware of it.
A pot-smoking friend once regaled me with his theory of a collective human consciousness, his idea being that supposedly we are all connected by some sort of invisible net that links our minds. I remember laughing heartily at the concept as I inhaled secondary smoke while thinking this is what drugs do to one's brain- invent wild theories without any foundation whatsoever.
Why would you want someone who is distant? Someone who shows no interest in you as a person? Who doesn't support and encourage your dreams and passions? Someone unavailable? Why even go there? It can only end in heartbreak. A lot of men are unavailable. They may be emotionally immature, just in it for a good time, or worse yet - married.
Perfection In our facile society, perfection is glossy, fabricated, manipulated and made to order. Yet we are surrounded
Nasa has unveiled an astounding new image of our galactic neighbourhood - a new star atlas for the entire universe. The atlas