The X Factor USA

Nicole Scherzinger doesn't look like she gives a toot's hoot about the fact Britney Spears has just replaced her on The X
> IN PICS: FOX 2012 PROGRAMMING PRESENTATION The new X Factor crew headed to ABC Kitchen where Britney changed out of her
Her role on the judging panel of X Factor USA still hasn't been officially confirmed but Britney Spears is already in the
Britney Spears is the undoubted Queen of the yo-yo diet, we all know that. And after critics laid into her rounder frame
Simon Cowell is notorious for wielding the axe on stars that appear on his shows, and this time he has gone on the rampage
We've not seen much of Cheryl Cole recently, so-much-so we were beginning to think she'd dropped off the face of the earth
Steve Jones has revealed that he is to embark on a mission to make US X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger his girlfriend if
How's this for an OTT PDA? Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger tried desperately to put the rumours they'd fallen out to
When Cher Lloyd tottered off to America last month we suspected she had bigger plans up her sleeve than a spot of sightseeing
We knew the sizzling chemistry between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul on American Idol and The X Factor had to come from somewhere