theatre delicatessen

The plays scoot along exploring philanthropy and privilege, the motivation behind breaking boycotts, how the media spins everything in our modern world, how money corrupts even the simplest of day to day events, the exploitation of minorities and the distortion of history...
mmersive theatre often treads the fine line between enhancing experience and aggressive involvement. What starts as engulfing theatrical aggrandizement can quickly trip into the realms of terrifying audience participation - and only attention - hungry stage botherers really enjoy on-stage participation, or those of masochistic temperament
Theatre Delicatessen has undoubtedly cornered the 'pop-up theatre' market. The mind-child of Roland Smith, Frances Loy and Jessica Brewster, Theatre Delicatessen was born in 2007 and has since made it's mark by inhabiting disused buildings around London, then transforming them into immersive theatrical experiences.