Theo Randall

This is a great way to cook sea bream because the fat from the fish melts into the potatoes and makes them taste delicious, as well as giving them a lovely colour and crisp texture. Sea bream is of course best when it is wild but farmed gilt head bream is very good, affordable and easy to get hold of. Have a great week!
Cullen skink soup is traditionally made with smoked haddock potatoes onions cream. It is a perfect meal for cold winter day and a great way to use smoked haddock. The soup is nice when there is a little texture left from keeping the smoked haddock and potatoes chunky, so when you blitz it don't do it so much otherwise it will be too smooth. Have a great week!
The sauce was a purée of cavolo nero with lots of spicy green new season's olive oil stirred into it. Well I have to say it was one of the most brilliant pasta sauces I have ever tasted and since eating it, I have made it many many times.
Italian sausages are very special as they tend to be made with a combination of fresh pork and cured, so they have the addition of fennel seed, nutmeg and other seasonings. This gives them huge amounts of flavour so they are perfect to use in a pasta sauce.
Rose Gray was so excited about this and asked if we could take one back to the restaurant. Well Francesco being the perfect, generous host lets us pick which squash we would like to take back. As you can imagine we didn't take the smallest one! When we were checking in to Pisa airport the next day we all had hand luggage and an enormous pumpkin, the size of a suitcase.
This has got to be the most delicious vegetarian pasta ever! The inspiration from this is from Sicily, home to the best aubergines in the world. The dish is called pasta della nonna which translated means grandmother's pasta. You know it's going to taste good with a name like that.
This has got to be the simplest recipe ever. Don't be put off by the lack of ingredients as less is definitely more when you make this soup... Have a great week!
There is nothing more delicious than a plate of Spaghetti alla Puttanesca, if the pasta is really al dente and the anchovies capers and black olives are really good quality. This for me is a store cupboard pasta dish... Have a great week!
This is such an easy dish and also great to serve to a few people. The proscuitto di Parma has a lovely flavour itself but when cooked with the chicken and thyme it penetrates through the breast making it very tasty and perfectly seasoned with out adding any extra salt.
Squash is a very under used ingredient and has lots of flavour. This recipe is one of the best ways to use it. Make sure you peel the squash well and remove all the seeds. If you have any cooked chestnuts around they are a delicious addition to this soup. The pancetta is there for extra flavour but it works perfectly well with out it. Have a great Christmas!