You can find chaplains in theatres, sport clubs, airports, shopping centres, even casinos. They are working to support some of the most vulnerable people in society.
While welcoming an opportunity to engage in those issues it is also important to challenge the implication that positive change is something which struggles to come out of religions. Traditional they may be, but mainstream religion has, and continues to have, an enormous positive impact on UK society and a great capacity to create positive change.
The vast majority of people seem comfortable with the idea that 'there is more to life than meets the eye' and are convinced this 'something more' is spiritual - even if there's a broad array of views as to what that means.
It didn't used to be like this. 50 years ago, in most parts of the country, you not only knew your neighbours but there was a reasonable chance that they were pretty much like you. You were involved in common local activities and institutions. Religiously, you probably behaved, believed and belonged in the same way as everyone else.
Enjoy it: it may be our last. Rumour has it that the 2011 Census could be the final one: cost and the pressure of instant communications killing off an institution that dates back to the Napoleonic era. So, while we have it we might as well disagree about what it means.
Before we all start manning the barricades, please can we react to reality, rather than propaganda?
The NSS's misguided campaign to rid our public life of any hint that religious people might be a part of it simply continues the impression that religious people and non-religious people are not able to function together, respecting each other's differences, without all out war.
Different members of the coalition government feel free to speak confidently about the positive role of religion in society, with a particular emphasis on the UK's historical Christianity. But it remains to be seen whether the Church of England really provides a core, but not co-opted, public role, whilst not excluding those from minority faiths.
Ah, Christmas. The season of mulled wine, presents, good will to all men and… politics? It should be according to Theos, who