My introduction to the sex addiction issue was recent and rather brutish. I came across an article in the Daily Telegraph's blog with this provocative title: "Sex addicts should drop the psychobabble and admit that they're just promiscuous losers".
When I was a student I thought cannabis was a harmless pastime, no worse than alcohol, and I was encouraged by the fact that it's not addictive. Many years later I ended up working for an addiction rehab clinic in Scotland where I found out that not only is cannabis addictive but the skunk version of the drug is known to send as many as 20% of users into a psychotic state.
The truth is everyone has stuff from childhood. In fact the perfect parents do not exist - if they did you would never leave home. Also we ALL develop systems and coping mechanisms that come from past experiences or traumas.
Nicola Roberts has admitted that she prefers therapy of the retail variety to traditional counselling when it comes to battling
Let's be honest, January is a gloomy old month. Christmas and new year frivolity are in the distant past, but everyone's broke because we're still paying for them.
In psychiatry, we make a distinction between "normal" grief and "abnormal" grief. The latter condition has other aliases such as "pathological grief" or "morbid grief". Should psychiatrists meddle in such a natural human reaction?
The insurance industry gets away with unacceptable abuse. From banking (ie. payment protection insurance), to extended appliance
Some of us wish they had courage and beauty of Beyonce, while some of us want to have the moves and rhythms of Shakira.
I've taken two core questions from my book '10 Questions to ask for success' to show you how to get the best out of life.
If you turn on the radio when you want to cheer yourself up, you may have the right idea according to a new study. Scientists