Things to do in London

Embroidery and crochet aren't words that immediately shout 'fun' and 'youthful', let's be honest. But, all the same, recently, there has been a bit of a peaking trend in crafting. Young people are starting up creative businesses, and the rest of us, which aren't talented, is curious.
It's easy to reel off London's most notorious landmarks: historic, imperious Big Ben; the London Eye, with its iconic silhouette
So for months it felt like the August bank holiday was on the horizon and I had plans to go away but as so often happens I had to work right up to and during the weekend. So dreams of going away were just that.
Champagne Charlies, Davy's, WC2N 6NG They also serve ale in silver goblets so you can pretend you're in 'Lord Of The Rings
Summer in London is all about lazing in parks with an ice cream, heading to festivals and trying to avoid packed Tube journeys where you end up far too close to a perspiring commuter's armpit. It's also full of good opportunities to cool off in an unusual exhibition, finally visit a museum you've never been to, or try out an event you wouldn't normally consider.
My waiter, the chefs and all the guys at The Clink HMP Brixton appear to be smart, courteous, well trained and as suited to the job as any restaurant staff I've come across. But more than that, they have an air of hope about them.
Sure, there are great times for boozing hard, but when the weekend rolls in, we say get up and get out there; this is the best city in the world after all.
It's World Rum Day this weekend (Saturday 16th August), so get drinking the stuff. Here are our favourite places to play pirate and swig it baby.
London life can often be relentless and gruelling. Hot tubes, fierce traffic and impatient commuters take their toll. But you don't have to travel as far as you might think to find a bit of unexpected tranquility amongst all the commotion. Ri
To sustain a restaurant like this must take considerable patience. It must be so tempting for each young turk who gets his hands near the stove to start tweaking dishes. And it takes great restraint to let it be and keep those old favourites on the menu which is what drives people back time and again.