Things to do in London

Blame it on the sun... it's brought out my inner curmudgeon. But on a gorgeous summer's day like today, I couldn't think of anything worse than hitting up a food market in London. Tongue slightly in cheek, here are the six reasons why I'm staying away...
I've always been the 'education' type. You'd be more likely to find me with a book in hand than a ball when I was younger, and there was no question as to whether university was the best choice for me on leaving school. At the risk of sounding like a bit of a geek, I just really like learning.
Come summer our thoughts turn to which watering hole to quench our thirst? Ok, the English weather may not always beat down on us, but when it does make a welcome appearance where are the hot spots in London?
We've welcomed in a new age of street food: sophisticated and intelligent cooking rustled up by chefs with big ideas and future or previous high-profile careers in Michelin-starred restaurants.
If you're anything like me, you plan your summer activities with your mates and end up going to the same festivals every year. Lazy Londoners have enough music festivals around the city, they don't even have to travel and camp anywhere. This is bad! Get out of your comfort zone before you're old and cranky.
Camden Town markets are one of London and the UK's most popular tourist destinations, visited by over 100,000 tourists each weekend. Restaurants, bars and entertainment venues contribute to a multi-million pound night-time economy. The area has grown so much that the main tube station is struggling to cope.
Yep, London has its lovers and haters. Maybe you zoom in on the negatives - sardine-like Tube conditions, super-expensive tourist attractions. Maybe you love the buzz of London. You relish the fact that you can go clubbing till 4am on a Monday morning - even if you rarely do.
So, here is our list of the top five romantic ways to see London, giving you the opportunity to spend time with your favourite person in your favourite city!
A few years ago Fashion Shows were strictly for the media elite only. Top editors sat front row with their notepad and pens and were privy to a preview the rest of us would have to wait months to see. Nowadays however things have changed...