think tanks

Ministers should consider extending prescription charges, as well as introducing new charges on visits to NHS GP surgeries
Over the past week Romanian government officials, mining industry figures, and several other parties championing the planned
Patients who can show they live healthy lifestyles by proving how much they exercise and what they buy in their weekly shop
Sorely under-used today, chickenhawk was a popular expression during Vietnam. It describes an individual, often a politician, who clamours for war while avoiding military service. George W. Bush is a prime example.
The logical conclusion to reach when faced with students who are politicised is, of course, to accuse them of showing off. That's what Jack Rivlin did when he heard of the King's College London Think Tank and its enthusiasm for social reform.
Mulling my breakfast with Peter Ackerman, and with New Year's resolutions just around the corner, here are three tips for anyone thinking about plotting a future in the ideas business.
Thinking back to the student riots a couple of years back, you'd be forgiven for feeling like you'd had enough of students. Think again: not all of us are swinging from the Cenotaph to try and get our voices heard (what was it you were trying to say exactly, Charlie Gilmore?).
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Only England's top universities should have the power to award degrees, a study has suggested. A report
I wonder if the relative failure of the "Big Society" is related to the inability of our Prime Minister to articulate its meaning in 20 words or less...