third sector

If you fancy dinner at The Clink Restaurant, you'll have to be patient - this swanky establishment is booked up months in advance. After making the reservation, don't forget to get security clearance and Home Office approval.
Recent conversations with colleagues in the voluntary and community sector have made me sit up and think hard about the relationship between local authorities and local infrastructure bodies.
The third sector is able to reach out to troubled families in a way that works. It works because families are not suspicious of us, they are not intimidated by our services and they are able to trust us.
Having recently celebrated the art of Dickens we can also celebrate his message of social improvement and realise that those of us who take the initiative to offer a helping hand are justified in having, in regard to the results, great expectations.
Steven Nuttall is 50 years old, but he's never learned to read and write. Unemployed for the last decade, he's picked up a range of odd-jobs during his life, like selling popcorn and working on the fairgrounds, but never enough to make ends meet.
Older people are "fearful of the future" and forced to "make do" in order to survive, according to a new report. A study
Too many young people fail to leap the gap between school and work but ThinkForward will close the chasm, enabling people like Luke to gather the skills, characteristics and contacts they need.