Thomas Ades

Powder Her Face is an opera composed by Thomas Ades, with a libretto by Philip Hensher, based on the infamous Margaret Campbell, the Duchess of Argyll and the scandal her sexual exploits and subsequent divorce in the 1960s.
think this tendency to borrow is a sign of confidence. This generation doesn't feel the need to violently react against the past. We don't feel the need to constantly do or say something new for the sake of it. Instead we can assimilate, play with and warp the past.
Ades' Dances from his 2003 opera 'Powder her Face' explored the LSO's versatility. Pappano wonderful accented every phrase he could with his full-bodied gestures guiding the well responsive orchestra through syncopated rhythms and heavy jazz.
It can be hard to know what resolutions to come up with at New Year. Last year I think mine had something to do with washing socks. I didn't stick to it. But, in the spirit of Christmas, here is one ready-made for you. It isn't even that hard to keep. It is simply this: give contemporary classical music a chance.