Three Lions

The meme is like a balloon, growing bigger and bigger until eventually it bursts to the past tense
Andy Serkis - aka Gollum in the Lord of the Rings - is the latest star to lend his talents to those guiding the England football
England are in a tricky group, and therefore a tricky situation as far as expectation goes. They aren't even favourites to make it out the group, let alone win the thing, so taking a squad of youngsters to experience the atmosphere of a major tournament, without concentrating on progress is one line of thought.
Under-21 football is less about the results and more about developing the players and playing football in a way that should mirror a bigger vision for football in the country. Stuart Pearce's tenure has not only failed to deliver results, but it has provided no vision, no hope and no entertainment for those brave enough to watch.
England and Ukraine are separated by just a point as they meet one another in Donetsk for their final Euro 2012 Group D match