Strictly Come Dancing fans will be keen to point out that what this cat is doing isn't actually waltzing. After all, though
An album of unheard Michael Jackson songs inspired by Robert Burns has been donated to a Scottish museum by the late singer’s
Somewhere between the Thriller video and Kitty Brucknell humping that dartboard, Halloween became the get-out-of-slutty-free card - a chance for nice, normal girls with a tasteful line in Uniqlo cardigans to crank their assets up to their chin and embrace their slaggy alter egos for a night.
If ever a career was going to end in tears, it was Jackson's. You compared the seething anger in Billy Jean, or the livid fury of Beat It, with that daft Lady Veronica speaking voice. And you saw it at once - Vesuvius with the lid on.
Readers, it is hard to find good books. Thrillers do impressive business in the literary world, and yet few of them capture
I've never propositioned a man in the Gents before. And certainly not at Lord's. But I'm loathe to squander an opportunity, however awkward.
There have been many contenders for the Millennium Series crown, and a hell of a lot of scrabbling within the industry for the next bestselling thriller with characters as memorable as Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.