Kimberley Howe's blistering thriller, The Freedom Broker, has already racked up a number of notable fans, including thriller
Where does fear come from? If we accept the psychoanalytic stance of a 'continual return of the repressed', ghosts and demons
Sheila Quigley is a bestselling crime writer from the North of England. She hit the news in her mid-fifties when she signed her first publishing deal for a six-figure sum with Random House.
You're Next, the 2011 low budget stalk-and-slash thriller (finally getting a national release), owes a debt to Scream and countless other genre classics, but I doubt in 10 years filmmakers will be desperate to emulate its scares.
There's been a bit of weather this week, you may have noticed. But while all those images of famous New York streets and landmarks, dark and awash with river water grabbed everyone's attention, it's worth pointing out that Hurricane Sandy is actually only one of three mega storms currently ravaging the planet.
Last year it was Libya. Today it's Syria. 20 years ago Bosnia and the break-up of Yugoslavia was the focus of human suffering through civil war -- and in between there's been Iraq, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Liberia, Chechenya and many others that never reach our television screens.
I remember a breakfast meeting with a film-maker who introduced himself with a handshake and a 'Hi, I'm an Obsessive Compulsive'. To which I responded 'How d'you do, I'm English'. Mind you, I once sat in on a private Kabbalah session with Madonna, so nothing is too strange.
If there's something that the advertising for the Kindle, and indeed any eReader device, promotes, it's that reading digital books is for everyone.
I'm very fond of conspiracy theories - they're intriguing and fun, in their twisted way. But they're also very frustrating, because any big reveal will always be just out of reach, always just around the next corner. You want them to be true, and maybe some day they will be, but they're never true now.