SA Weather Service has warned that the cold front, expected to last till Wednesday, will be accompanied by wet conditions.
While British summers may still be described as three fine days and a thunderstorm, it's more important than ever that we understand the mechanisms that cause the UK's hottest weather to be followed by its most violent thunderstorms.
On the 18th of July 2017, a four foot wall of water rushed through the seaside village of Coverack wrecking homes and businesses
There is more than one way to be electrocuted by lightning.
We may dream about hot and sunny summer weather in the UK, but the truth is after a few days of heatwave conditions we can't wait for a good storm or two to clear the air... But how much do you really know about thunderstorms? How does that cute little fluffy cumulus cloud turn into a big threatening thunderhead?
Thunderstorms are notoriously difficult to forecast with any precision. It is perhaps a little surprising that prediction of the timing and location of one of Nature's most dramatic events, poses an enduring problem for weather forecasters.
Besides humans, nature is clearly one of the most powerful forces on Earth and there's little that's more deadly in its arsenal
In case you missed it, London was besieged by a large thunderstorm on Thursday afternoon, with several bolts of lightning
An incredible time lapse video has been posted to YouTube, showing the formation of a spinning supercell storm. The film
Nothing a bit of kindling didn't fix. Bring it on storm. — Harry Cole (@MrHarryCole) October 26
South Korea’s hot, humid summers always bring their fair share of thunderstorms. This cameraman got a close-up view as a
More heavy rain hit parts of the UK on Monday as the recent heatwave and hottest July in seven years seemed a distant memory
Britain's glorious spell of sunshine will be brought to an abrupt end this weekend after the Met Office issued a weather
The two hot topics of the past week, the weather and the Royal Baby, collided as the London Eye was lit up to spectacular
If temperatures remain high, health risks and environmental hazards, such as crop failure, wildfires, and water shortages, become a real concern. So how good are we at predicting heat waves? Are they related to global warming? And do we know when it will rain again?
The longest heatwave for seven years is set to continue across Britain - but the blazing temperatures will bring widespread
People trying to enjoy the bank holiday weekend will have to contend with some dismal weather conditions, forecasters have
Predictions of a stormy summer are cause for concern among Asthma experts, who point out that heavy rain can trigger serious