A Manchester Airport spokesman said: "Following the poor weather experienced this morning, flights have now resumed but are
The Met Office has issued a severe weather alert across large swathes of the country as snow, rain, sleet and thunder threaten
A man has been killed and more than a dozen people were hurt after lightning strikes on Los Angeles’ Venice Beach on Sunday
We may dream about hot and sunny summer weather in the UK, but the truth is after a few days of heatwave conditions we can't wait for a good storm or two to clear the air... But how much do you really know about thunderstorms? How does that cute little fluffy cumulus cloud turn into a big threatening thunderhead?
Furious storms erupted above the skies of Britain last night – though the heatwave warning remains in place. There were more
A second severe weather warning for heavy rain has been issued in less than a week as intense thunderstorms are predicted
One of the first comments people have made to me is how much weight I have lost. Whilst this is usually meant as a compliment, for a professional wrestler it is devastating. Wrestlers don't all have to be bulging meatheads, but it definitely helps to have a good muscular body and more importantly they need to stand out from the crowd.
More heavy rain hit parts of the UK on Monday as the recent heatwave and hottest July in seven years seemed a distant memory
Britain's glorious spell of sunshine will be brought to an abrupt end this weekend after the Met Office issued a weather