Thunderbirds Are Go

As a keen advocate of practical film-making, a fan myself, and son of the man behind it all - I can't help but feel an immense sense of pride, seeing this project come to fruition. The project is using original 1960s soundtracks, released as audio-only 'mini albums', and will adapt these stories, and film the accompanying visuals.
The Thunderbirds made their much-anticipated return to the screen last night, intent on wowing a fresh generation of fans
With the reboot of ‘Thunderbirds’ due to hit our screens this bank holiday, the return of the classic children’s show has
Thunderbirds are back, but is the new version of Gerry Anderson's classic puppet saga any good? Well, the answer is yes and no.
Now we know that as the years roll on, things need to change and adapt to keep up with the times, but we must admit we got
The first image for the new reboot of ‘Thunderbirds’ has been unveiled… and the good people of Twitter are not happy. Gone