Tia Sharp

The mother and grandmother of murdered schoolgirl Tia Sharp are due to stand trial accused of a racially aggravated attack
The mother and grandmother of murdered schoolgirl Tia Sharp have been charged with racially aggravated offences after a reported
A neighbour of murdered Tia Sharp's grandmother was jailed today for lying about seeing her alive when she was already dead
The house where schoolgirl Tia Sharp was murdered and hidden in the loft is being demolished. Tia, who would have been 13
Egan points out that one difficulty with stopping access to web pages with indecent content involving children, is that paedophilic offenders may find euphemisms and code words to tag photographic content, so only they know them. Then the authorities would be always playing 'catch up' to them.
It's estimated that around three in four convicted offenders use indecent images of children to stimulate themselves sexually, to lower the inhibitions of their victims or to teach the child to copy the activity in real-life situations. So what can be done?
The conviction of Mark Bridger for the murder of April Jones has sparked calls for search engines such as Google to do more
How do you spot a paedophile? With great difficulty. While media coverage of cases of horrific child abuse and murder use terms such as 'evil', 'monster' and 'fiend' to describe perpetrators, the reality is that paedophiles generally look the same as everybody else.
The mother of murdered schoolgirl Tia Sharp wants to visit Stuart Hazell in prison so she can ask why he killed her daughter
Stuart Hazell, 37, was a man with a violent and scarred background which is nothing unusual in such crimes. But, tellingly, he also had an addiction to images of children being sexually abused. Police discovered hundreds of such pictures on his computer hard drive. He had also visited websites searching under 'illegal incest pics' and 'sex with young children'.