ticket touts

When I arrived at the stadium and got to the entry turnstile, I needed to swipe my card on the gate. It recognised my card, printed a ticket with my seat details, and then the gate opened to let me in. It was simple and it worked.
In the last couple of weeks, I have been inundated with emails about the "Viagogo Glitch" which has seen many fans being ripped off by what can only be described as underhand tactics to squeeze even more money out of fans who are desperate to buy tickets to see their favourite artist, band or theatre show.
I used to pride myself on always being ready and able to buy a hot ticket, poised to click at 9am. Now, massive venues such as Alexandra Palace are sold out within minutes, and tickets appear moments later on resale sites such as Seatwave at hugely inflated prices. Anti-tout campaigners say Internet "bots" are being used to mass purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale. Thousands of tickets can be bought in minutes, leaving you and I out of luck.
The most important element of any market for a consumer is knowing exactly what you're buying, and who from. Unfortunately, many of the tickets listed on these websites don't provide buyers with adequate seat details, and none of them provide any details about who you're buying from - whether it's a fellow fan, a commercial-scale tout, or even the event-holder themselves. That's why we're recommending that resale sites and those that use them should be legally required to provide this most basic of information to inform consumer choice.
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