Tim Aker

Grass verges are not being cut in South Essex because of the cost of dealing with the refugee crisis in Europe, Ukip MEP
Nigel Farage will lose the EU referendum if his supporters keep fighting with others in the ‘out’ campaign, a leading Tory
Ukip's policy chief has been forced to resign after reportedly failing to finish the party's election manifesto on time. Tim
Like many people, I had always thought the answer to the question in the title was 'never'... But over recent weeks I've been sickened to discover that in the minds of some people there is, apparently, an exception. In the event that racism is directed at a Ukip member, it seems to be open season for such comments.
Ukip MEP Tim Aker recently paid a visit to his old sixth form. Hoping to win over the soon-to-be first time voters he stood with folded arms as lines of teenagers spilled noisily into the lecture theatre. Within minutes hundreds of seats had filled and late-arrivers were perching in the aisles...
Ukip's new "blue-collar platform", offering policies like raising the point at which the 40p rate income tax kicks in to
Ukip will go into the general election next year promising to abolish income tax for low earners, in its "blue collar platform
Yesterday's piece in the Huffpo featured UKIP's Treasurer, Stuart Wheeler, who said that UKIP needs to showcase its brightest and best to ensure that we are seen as a broader party than just Nigel Farage. And we do not want him burning himself out, human dynamo that he is.