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A postgraduate student at University College London (UCL) has resigned from his PhD following the university’s handling of
In an age of social media, where stories can go viral in much shorter spaces of time than before, one would think that it would become ever more important from an ethical point of view for stories to be contextualised and reported accurately.
The neutrality of the lab almost insulated us from a more toxic reality - women in science simply did not celebrate being women in science. But when you compare the STEM arena to politics and the arts, the culture is a little different - even at the undergraduate level.
UCL have yet again been at the forefront of scientific discovery. This time, senior academics have realised that if you force
Why is it that Feminism is a word with negative connotations? If you ask the British public whether they are in favour of equality the vast majority will say yes, they definitely are. They will rightly argue that we fought for it in the past and we pursue it in the present for ourselves and future generations. Now ask them if they are a feminist...
Eight Nobel prize-winners have condemned a “lynch mob” who they claim hounded disgraced scientist Sir Tim Hunt from his job
Outspoken academic Professor Richard Dawkins has claimed Sir Tim Hunt was the victim of "a feeding frenzy of mob-rule self
Boris Johnson has called for Sir Tim Hunt to be reinstated after the Nobel Prize-winning biologist was forced to quit a number
Tim Hunt came under fire for his comments about female scientists But now Hunt claims he was never given the chance to explain
Female scientists have united on Twitter with the hashtag #DistractinglySexy in response to "sexist" comments made by Cambridge