Time management

We are all defined by a range of relationships, boss and subordinate, parent and child, friend, sibling, etc. Correct action in each of these relationships may be slightly different - but they all have their own distinct morality and pattern of action and reaction.
The faster one travels, the slower time moves. We know this from Einstein's theory of relativity. So if something is moving
The Crazy Monkeys are the people and situations that pop up out of nowhere and disrupt your entire life. You know those familiar frustrating distractions that can hamper the most positive minds.
Routine is a funny old thing. Nobody wants to fall in to a bad one, but we all know that a routine is needed to achieve goals
Here's the thing: when we're busy we can easily trick ourselves into thinking that all of that activity means that we're not procrastinating. We're busy, sure, but we're not focused on the things that should really have our attention.
It's hard to be objective, my personal aversion to meetings is an almost visceral rage, but I fear they may even be destroying our productivity. The powerplay of meetings is depressing, the mangle of overt and covert agendas. People taking turns to speak, then zoning out when it isn't their turn.
I've been sailing and loving it since I was about 10. There's magic in a sailboat. When you've left last night's port, the
You welcomed your smartphone into your life for its life-altering potential. But has it become a Trojan horse, something initially welcome but troublesome in retrospect? Your smartphone won't be unleashing Greek soldiers while you sleep, of course. But maybe it's become a tool for procrastination and distraction.
With the summer fast approaching, the Olympics and Jubilee season upon us, the web-savvy amongst us are turning to 'self-tracking' to get the most out of our time. The new trend of using apps, gizmos and lifehacks is a lot more than just being techy though: it's giving people the ideas for working smarter.
I wrote a list once of the stuff I needed to get done in a day...it scared me quite a lot. I have no doubt at all that if