time travel

A man in Kent has posted an ad for time travellers on Gumtree. The ad - officially a job offer, titled "Back in time" and
The only thing better than Brian Cox appearing on the tellybox? Brian Cox appearing on the tellybox alongside Conan O'Brien
Time travel was invented for festivals like How The Light Gets In (HTLGI). It's a maddeningly exciting place. Maddening because there's so much to see, hear, and taste, more than even the greediest of festival-goers could swallow, more than it seems possible to fit into one festival.
If you went back in time and found yourself in the presence of Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles or Elvis Presley, what would you
The futuristic movie Looper has hit the cinemas nationwide, which sees people sent into the past for assassination by hitmen. But is there a neutron of possibility of such a frightening future? A leading time travel expert suggests the film's plotline may not be that outlandish.
Looper is the highly-awaited time travelling thriller starring Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels and John Gordon-Levitt
There's foresight, then there's recording a video tape at the age of 12 'having a conversation' with your future self. Artist
Stephen Hawking recently gave a party - for time travellers. But while he told plenty of people about the date, sent out
A tip of the cap to those clever folk over at Buzzfeed.com for pointing us in the direction of this fantastic protest sign
We're used to the idea of soldiers working in the dark or even via remote control. But how about working in an cloud of invisibility