tinder dating app

The popularity in dating apps seems to know no end. More and more people are using them rather than traditional online dating
In a phenomenon now affectionately referred to as the Tinderella syndrome, psychologists claim we're damaging our love lives and ability to flirt by spending too much time communicating on screen.
In this episode I tackle why you're not getting laid on Tinder, how cocks are going to save the world and the guy with the world's worst game...
I have just been introduced to Tinder. It's a dating app that matches people by using one simple criterion - you need to like each others' photos. If you do, you have the option to start chatting. In one minute you can have a match with dozens of potential candidates and all of them in your area...
There's a new app that's been making waves in the world of dating for some time now. "Oh great" you think "another thing to distract me while I'm taking a dump". But no, this app will bring about the downfall of the Human Race.
Anyone who's on Tinder (or indeed any online dating site) knows that the world is full of some complete and utter losers