Tippi Hedren

Before she starred in Hitchcock classics this legendary actor was a successful model.
"Women have a propensity for editing," explains Mirren, here getting creative as Hitchcock's wife Alma “It’s when a movie
Ever wondered why certain directors have the same actors appearing in their films time and again? It might look suspiciously
It's entirely possible that Hitchcock was a horrible man, guilty of despicable crimes, but we have no real evidence one way or the other.
"Sienna mentioned that she wouldn't be able to attend the second day of rehearsal, but she played it down," remembers Toby
Sienna Miller has, until now, been better known for her off-screen romances - Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans - and her
Like every other self-respecting London-based Institution, the British Film Institute is bringing out its big guns this summer