As 1982 ended, video games were booming. By the end of 1983, video games were practically dead. This was because of the video game crash, or Atari Shock, and it was an important milestone in game history.
Dark and intense, colourful and fun, the games of 2014 have been slicker and sharper than ever before. For a new game to
Clear your weekend's schedule: you're playing Titanfall. EA has made its fantastically fun parkour-plus-mechs shooter free
We already knew 'Titanfall' was good - when it came out last month on Xbox One we said it was one of the best games in years
Hipsters know what's 'hip', 'trendy', 'radical' (they'd avoid that word). How they do this depends on your level of skepticism towards the hipster. They are either attuned to the cosmic waves of human awareness, surfers of the collective consciousness, simultaneously drawn to the same games at the same time, or they read the same websites.
Titanfall hasn't even been out for a week - and it's still not out on Xbox 360. But the enormous critical (and presumably
Titanfall is out now for Xbox One and PC, and as we wrote in our review it's definitely worth buying. As ever in the world
'Titanfall' is out today in the UK for PC and Xbox One. And to mark the occasion, Microsoft decided to do something absolutely
Titanfall is released for Xbox One and PC on 14 March 2014. An Xbox 360 version is coming on 28 March. Key Features: Four
Nope. Titanfall is not running at 1080p on Xbox One, despite being one of the key launch-window titles for Microsoft's new