he National Gallery has scored a real winner with its summer show, Painters' Paintings, which explores great paintings from an unusual perspective - that of the artists who owned them. The collection on display is mightily impressive.
Back in the 18th Century, spurred on by the term she'd inspired, the nymph had found fame. In 1784, Joshua Reynolds, the president of the Royal Academy, painted the provocative A Nymph and Cupid. Its reproductions sold widely - particularly to women...
London in 2012, the year of the Olympics, is as good a time as any to reflect on the changing nature of the city. The capital
A classically-inspired peep show has been set up in the middle of the National Gallery. Turner Prize-winning artist Mark
Your guide to the unmissable art around the UK, brought to you with ArtFinder. This month... London. New exhibitions: Damien
Titian's masterpiece Diana and Callisto has been saved for the nation in a £45 million deal. The oil painting, one of a series