Tobacco industry

Three years ago, PMI's chief executive said he wanted to phase out cigarettes entirely. But careful scrutiny of what has happened since then may tell another story.
Philip Morris Ltd wants smokers to swap to e-cigarettes and heated tobacco – but are they much safer?
Significant changes (stipulated by the EU) to the vaping industry were put into place last May, allowing a year's transition before the whole industry had to fully comply. And as of 20 May 2017, those who have come to rely on vaping as a means to make it through the day, might be in for a bit of a shock.
In real life, the moral universe is rarely as clear-cut as respectable doctors vs murderers. It's about the subtle slide into the pit and the fact that often, there's something to enjoy on the way down. If there weren't something in it for us, we wouldn't go there in the first place.
A tobacco giant has ramped up its lobbying against plain cigarette packaging - challenging the Department of Health with
It's a plot worthy of Hollywood - a fatal radioactive poison, secret documents, suppressed information, and drugs. But this isn't fiction. This is the story of the tobacco industry's knowledge, policy and inaction around radioactive material in cigarette smoke.
So as this spectre of anti-smoking haunts our great nation, I encourage all who believe in the cause of freedom to stop this militant prohibition against those of us who enjoy our vices, and we must never been made to apologize to anyone for doing so.