tobin tax

What's needed, indeed, is a world-centric level of thinking that sees cooperation in win-win self-interested terms and which consequently designs negotiations for success rather than failure.
As 1,000 economists have pointed out, an FTT is "technically feasible" and "morally right". It is, you could say, a tax whose time has come. Even Myleene Klass might agree.
>" data-caption="On budget day 2012 Robin Hood Tax supporters joined others in a winding dole queue outside
George Osborne's bid to protect UK banks from an EU tax on their financial transactions is set for defeat in the European
A matter of form, part of the procedure, a formality - the European Parliament's scrutiny of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) wasn't expected to bring any surprises. After all, it had already been negotiated by major industrialised countries around the world, including the US and had received the European Commission's blessing and the backing of EU member states.
The G8 summit last weekend called for Greece to remain in the eurozone, a goal that seems harder to achieve than ever as the Greeks are set to return to the polls a second time after a first inconclusive election in which anti-establishment parties did well and while politicians from colder shores continue to insist that any support will depend on the country's ability to stick with austerity measures.
It's crazy to think that a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) will provide the revenue to solve the world's ills and that it
One of Britain's most senior Roman Catholics has accused David Cameron of ignoring the poor while protecting his "very rich
French and German plans to introduce a Financial Transaction Tax - also known as an FTT or "Tobin Tax" - would damage Britain's
Although taxes are inevitably taxing, a proposal for a minimum rate of 0.1% set for shares and bonds and of 0.01% for derivatives in Europe has led to a fierce debate about what should be done to discourage reckless speculation.
Could one do the right thing for the wrong reasons? Yes. Does it matter that it is for the wrong reasons? It does, if it
The European Commission has denied claims that Brussels had issued an ultimatum to David Cameron over his attitude towards
The Archbishop of Canterbury is the latest to add his voice to calls for a so-called "Robin Hood" tax on financial transactions
Demonstrators in London have made camp close to St Paul’s Cathedral following a day of protests that spread around the globe
Police on Saturday prevented anti-capitalist activists from occupying the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Several hundred protesters
Demonstrators have taken to the streets in cities around the globe. Inspired by the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New
Mr. Cameron, it is difficult to reconcile your words in your June 2010 speech with the actions of this government. People are hurting and if you meant what you said, then your government actions must match the words.