Toby Stephens

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Actors Joaquin Phoenix and Toby Stephens disagree about the fun to be had on a TV set “It’s not like I’m sleep-walking through
“It’s not just a pirate show,” says Toby, who’s spent as much time on stage as he has on film and screen. “It’s like a gritty
Coward should have faded away long ago. It was one of English theatre's great mantras - his fame was built on gossamer-thin plots and diaphanous characters that doomed his legacy. Not even the slickest epigrams would survive. "One cannot read his plays now," wrote Cyril Connelly, during the war.
Rufus Sewell is delighted to be taking on a London baddie, after years of playing the brooding, anguished aristocrat… “I've
MC Harvey’s being quiet. He’s done all his talking. Got that? Except he’s still got a few more things to say about the way
Miranda Raison admits that she was in awe of her co-star Toby Stephens when she first turned up on the set of Vexed, both