toddler behaviour

Firstly, the assumption that children misbehave to get our attention is confused. Children don't deliberately 'do naughty things' to make us stop and give them our time. Children have a different and immature brain structure to an adult and in almost all instances, they behave in a certain way, one that adults find undesirable, because they cannot stop themselves from doing so.
The use of reward and sticker charts stems from techniques of behaviour modification that have been popular for over half a century. The same knowledge gave us the basis for modern day dog training. Yet while rewards may help to train our dogs, do these methods really work to train our children?
You may be surprised to know that even though I'm a mother, I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly with you. Being accompanied by children when you're trying to have some adult time and enjoy a good meal and a fine glass of wine is hell. Particularly when those children are your own.
I am a grown woman of 35 years old. I am strong- minded, generally don't take crap from anyone and yet I am letting myself be bossed around by a rather feisty, very small child. How did this happen? Is it the fear of a tantrum? Is it because I wanther to be happy and will do anything to achieve this?
Hands up who's read Lord of the Flies? (Hand down, Dad, I read your school copy of the book: two pages of the whole book were annotated.) Those who did read the whole book: has anyone noticed their house has gone just a little bit Lord of the Flies since having a toddler?