The Duchess of Cambridge has given us serious weekend-away-style goals, during her recent trip to Paris.  Kate and the Duke
So you can all sigh with relief-- you won't have to endure seeing my photographs daily on my blog.
First off, sorry for not having posted in a while! I got a few messages from people asking me where I gone. Things have just been manic, but I am back! Here we go...!
Even though every pore of my being was willing me to wear black today (thank you, weather), I rebelled against my inclination
Think: Cotton candy.... Pastel grey with a tinge of purple and patent! Could it get any yummier than this? These patent loafers are definitely on trend for the season and are perfect for a rainy day because they're relatively water resistant - added bonus! Functionality and fashionability? Yes, please!
Anne Hathaway has been unveiled as the glam new face of luxury leather goods company, TOD's. The actress stars in the campaign