Toilet paper

Welcome to the Royal Wedding Dress game from HuffPost UK! As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot, we're looking to see what wedding dress creations you can come up with from four ingredients - newspaper, toilet paper, kitchen roll and sellotape. Send in your creations and they may be featured on our liveblog during the day!
That's right, you heard me. I have not bought toilet paper for one whole year. But why? Let me start from the very beginning... I know using cloth toilet paper won't be everyone's first step to frugality, but I urge you all to at least think about what you are buying and throwing away.
It all began with a simple question pitched to Reddit. And it seems that 4,000 Reddit users have much to speculate when it
The Venezuelan government has taken over a toilet paper factory in a desperate attempt to wipe out a rather pressing issue
A chronic shortage of toilet paper in Venezuela is to end after the country's National Assembly backed plans to import 39
The capital of New Jersey is at risk of running out of toilet paper thanks to a budget stalemate between the mayor and the
Everybody knows 999 is the number to ring in an emergency, but unfortunately some idiots dial it for less important matters