Tom Cruise

Well, they were 2 great nights at the Beacon in NYC. Yet another beautiful old theatre. Really stunning. Met some wildly enthusiastic fans. One or two were very intense. Someone actually squeezed my arm so much it hurt!!
Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1's Taylor Lautner may have had to share last night's red carpet with his co-stars Robert
Tom Cruise? Harrison Ford? Johnny Depp? You'd be forgiven for thinking any one of these three would have the epithet of Hollywood's
I think it's time for small men to shout from the rooftops about how it's not a crime to be short, how we're just as funny, loving, sexy and masculine as tall men. The only shame is that we have to go up to the rooftops at all - because otherwise no one will see us.
Tom Cruise, star of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, which opens on the 21st December, took a break from post-production
teve Jobs' ill-health resignation as CEO of Apple is sadder news still for those of us who love the iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook - and being on the same side as the world's coolest company. But St Steve's decision also helps us ask what has driven the amazing, super-charged career of a university drop-out. What's the secret?
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Katie Holmes has confessed she sleeps with the lights on after seeing her new film Don't Be Afraid of
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Hayley Atwell, Rosamund Pike and Alexa Davalos are all trying out to be Tom Cruise's new leading lady
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Tom Cruise doesn't need any coaching from Mary J Blige, the singer has said. The Grammy-winning songstress
Russell Brand has launched his new production company, Branded Films. The British funnyman is keen to expand his skills, which