Tom Jones

It may have been the plan that The Voice didn't steal The X Factor's thunder but unless it looks to find its own identity, it will become inconsequential and never have a chance of propelling a star to the top of the charts.
Sir Tom Jones’s life story could be the topic of a new ITV drama, following the success of their 2014 ‘Cilla’ miniseries
Tom Jones has spoken out about his rumoured romance with Priscilla Presley, admitting he isn’t sure how Elvis would feel
Sir Tom Jones has played down rumours he has become romantically involved with Priscilla Presley. The Welsh crooner first
In all the years Dermot O’Leary has been hosting ‘The X Factor’, we never heard him sing - until now that is.  The presenter
I've always thought of 'The Voice UK' as the runt of the reality family (yes, I even found 'Dancing On Ice' marginally more entertaining). Its desperation to be taken seriously, coupled with its holier-than-thou approach to the talent show format, made it a complete turn off for me. But come Saturday night, I decided to give it a chance, mainly to see if it had finally shed its nicey-nicey BBC image.