tom may

We will ban heading the ball in football and you aren't allowed to touch anyone when trying to tackle them either. God knows what we would do with horse riding, maybe just ban it all together and let's turn gymnastics into ballroom dancing where there is no danger of kids falling off beams, pommel horses or them getting hurt doing flips.
For 17 years I was meant to "man up and get on with it" and that tends to instil itself in life outside of rugby too... The 21st Century man is under constant pressure to demonstrate strength at the expense of being able to offload troubles.
Perhaps this is going to be a slow process, it certainly seems that way. I'm trying my best to fill that void and find that meaning in my life and I hope that what I am trying to create with the interests I have off field form together to fill that void. They need to as it feels pretty big at the moment.
Six weeks ago, I played my last professional game of rugby. The chapter of my life that started with my debut at Newcastle at the age of 19, ended at 36 in Oxford with the final shrill of a referee's whistle. Just like that, Tom May, London Welsh captain became Tom May former rugby player. So what now?