Tom Watson MP

Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson today said all MPs needed to “examine their consciences” as he defended his role in the
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron claimed he was not a “home-wrecker” today as he was pushed to reveal how many Labour MPs were thinking
Since 2012 I have referred two allegations made against former Prime Minister Edward Heath to the police. It is for the police to investigate and we need make sure they are given the space and time to do that. But it was alarming to learn on Monday that Wiltshire police is to be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission over allegations it dropped a criminal case in the 1990s because the suspect threatened to go public with allegations about Heath. That should concern us all. It is not the first time agencies of the state have been accused of failing to investigate claims made against members of Parliament or suppressing criminal inquiries into MPs.
Lord Mandelson has taken up a new role advising the oil giant BP, just months after criticising Ed Miliband's plan to cap
Labour big-hitter Tom Watson has reopened the trade union selection row, accusing the party of creating a "huge injustice
Rupert Murdoch has rowed back from claims that the investigation into phone hacking and corruption is "totally incompetent
Detectives investigating historic claims of child abuse highlighted by Labour MP Tom Watson have arrested two men from Norfolk
The potential is for politics to become a more potent force for change. Miliband was quick to latch onto this theme in a recent speech linking the banking crisis, the expenses scandal and Hackgate together through a culture of 'irresponsibility'.
Somewhere in a not so far off galaxy called Murdoch the final battle has commenced. The Death Star - emblazoned with the huge but now flickering News Corp insignia - is under sustained attack from the rebel alliance. Huge plumes of flames erupt (bonfires of the vanities, surely) from the crippled leviathan as missiles of truth pierce its thick hull built from a composite of money, power, corruption and arrogance, once thought indestructible.